Upcoming Productions

I’m a member of a group called JKL. It could loosely be termed an “amateur dramatics” group, but we do produce a high standard of theatre and are one of the few groups in Doncaster who are committed to showcasing many different styles, instead of purely performing musicals or comedy. I am involved in two upcoming performances.

The first is called Heaven’s Walk by Richard Cameron and we will be performing the debut of this wonderful piece of writing from 3-5 February 2015 at CAST in Doncaster. It’s a play about a Conscientious Objector from Conisbrough and his family during the First World War and it should be incredibly thought provoking and moving if we play our cards right. I play his youngest brother.

The second is an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s masterpiece Crime and Punishment. For those familiar with the text, I play Dmitry Prokofyich Razumikhin and it is such a fantastic part to get to grips with. This is also at CAST and we will be on stage on 24 and 25 of February. For those less familiar with this classic piece of Russian literature it explores the ideas of faith and reason, alongside mental illness and the concept of greatness. This piece could make many audience members feel quite uncomfortable. It should certainly encourage people to think more deeply.

Heaven’s Walk | CAST website

Crime and Punishment | CAST website


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